Forbes Lists Highest Paid Celebrity Couples

August 8, 2012 By:

It’s a well known fact of life that celebrities are, for the most part, incredibly and mind bogglingly wealthy. When two such creatures mate, they create an even more unfair type of being: the frighteningly rich celebrity power couple.

Sure, lots of these pairings are unstable—if they weren’t, what the heck would we write about?

Forbes, compiler of the much-stuffier Forbes 100, also puts together lists of the 100 top paid celebrities, and has recently been putting together a list of the world’s highest paid celebrity couples.

At the top of the list, to no one’s surprise, are Beyonce and Jay-Z, who, though they could continue their current lifestyle on royalty checks alone for centuries, just keep doing things.

Beyonce is working on a super secret new album, and made $40 mil last year from endorsements, touring and record sales. Jay-Z was off collaborating with Kanye and making money from Carol’s Daughter and his advertising firm, which brought their total household income to nearly $80 million.

Getting knocked from the top spot were Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, who are still making insane amounts of money from his football contract and her modeling word, to the tune of $72 million.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are another sports and fashion supercouple; Victoria’s clothing line takes in about $40 million each year, the bulk of the couple’s $54 million income last year. Beckham’s butt showcasing ads for brands like H&M helped a bit, too.

And possibly the most famous of the couples, Brad and Angelina, took in $45 million last year from their acting, endorsement and tabloid fronting projects.

Moral of the story: Even though most of them could buy a country (or at the very least, a few dozen islands), Oprah can still buy all of them. And we’d all do well to remember that.