Derek Hough to Join Footloose Remake

May 7, 2009 By:
Derek Hough to Join Footloose Remake

Dancing with the Stars Derek Hough may be boogying his way to a new role. Sources say he’s the latest star to be considered for the Footloose remake.

E!’s Mark Malkin first reported the news, saying he’s met with people involved in the remake. Derek commented on the news, saying, “I haven’t auditioned, but I’ve met with the people.”

Does he really even need an audition? Each week on Dancing was enough to see that he’s got skills! And now that he’s off the show, he’s got time to move on to a new project!

Adding fuel to the rumor is Derek’s statement about possibly not returning to the show next season. He recently told E!, “Mark (Ballas) and I might not be back. We have other things going on. There’s a bunch of stuff on the table right now.”

He added, "Footloose is definitely really close to me. I would love to be a part of something like that. If the Footloose thing doesn't work out, I'm still excited about whatever could come our way with the dancing, the singing and the acting," Hough said. "Like Hugh Jackman said at the Oscars, 'Musicals are back!'"

We could honestly see Derek playing the lead role in Footloose over Chace Crawford, who currently the frontrunner. What do you think?