Flats are HOT!

March 16, 2006 By:
Flats are HOT!

We had previously mentioned on Hollyscoop that really chunky wooden shoes are in style this season. Another "it" style is the complete opposite, yup...flats! Flat shoes are so hot this season. Celebs and fashionistas alike have been wearing them casually and dressing them up for nighttime!

Since we are fashion whores (especially shoes), we did some research and found real hot flats for all prices. So if people (like us) can't afford Christian Louboutin or Marc Jacobs flats we can always turn to Steve Madden which have equally hot flats for a more reasonable price.

If you like to splurge (hey who doesn't?) you can never go wrong with:

Marc Jacobs,Christian Louboutin,Hollywould ballet flats,Jimmy Choo

And if you are a saver (smarter) you can go for:

Steve Madden round toe flats,Steve Madden pointy flats