Dustin Diamond Will Forever Be Screech Powers

January 22, 2007 By:
Dustin Diamond Will Forever Be Screech Powers

One of the funniest encounters of this week has to have been running
intoScreech Powers at one of the style lounges. When he first arrived he walked right up to the barricades and said “It’s me Screech, how do I get in?” He was being followed with two cameramen claiming to be filming a “documentary”.

While at the style lounge, we overheard some of the head honchos of the
event asking, “Where are they taping Dustin from?” The assistant
ran across quickly and asked Screech himself and he gave a blank stare at
the girl. The cameraman interrupted and replied, “We’re filming a

At that point Screech became extremely uncomfortable and wanted to
leave the lounge. I instantly thought of that scene from “Along Came Polly” when child star Philip Seymour Hoffman had hired a camera crew to follow him around for an “E! True Hollywood Story”. We actually felt pretty bad for Screech but did manage to get a good laugh out of it.