Why Fergie and Josh Duhamel Don't Want Kids Yet

March 27, 2012 By:
Why Fergie and Josh Duhamel Don't Want Kids Yet

Apparently for Fergie, “But all the cool kids celebrities are doing it,” is not a good enough reason to get knocked up.

Fergie’s uterus has been on baby watch for about a year now. She’s been married to Josh Duhamel for three years, which in the celebrity timeline of “how things work” they should have been divorced by now and Fergie should already be dating Ryan Reynolds.

So we had to wonder why the pretty couple isn’t popping out babies yet!

“It’s not happening yet, I can tell you that definitely,” says Fergie, “But we want to have a family, so that’s in the cards, but it’s just not this second.”

Booo. That’s not what your husband Duhamel told Hollyscoop! When we asked several months ago if they were expecting kids soon he said, “Of course, yea, eventually, eventually.”

Anyways, Fergie says she doesn’t want to rush kids because she feels like she finally has free time to just hang out.

“Eight years of being on the road, and now I’ve been of the road, what, five months?...I’m enjoying this time of just being home for that long a period.”

While they wait for kids, Fergie gushes that her relationship with Duhamel feels like they are still newlyweds.

“We like each other. We like hanging out together and we have fun,” says Fergie, “We have fun in the kitchen cooking and singing silly songs. Not to give too much away – I’m not going any further than that – but we have a good time together, and it’s nice to get to have that quality time. We enjoy it.”