Stripper Apologizes to Fergie for Alleged Affair

November 12, 2009 By:
Stripper Apologizes to Fergie for Alleged Affair

Josh Duhamel’s alleged stripper will not go away! She’s now decided to reach out to Fergie to extend her sincere apologies, and of course getting a little press while she’s at it.

34-year-old Nicole Forrester sat down with Extra to explain the situation. She says, "I thought, 'Nobody's gonna find out. It's not gonna hurt anybody. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't think of it at the time like I think of it now."

Forrester also notes that Fergie has stuck by Josh’s side through this, and doesn’t seem to believe the rumor. "She's standing by her man,” says Forrester, “so obviously I'm not wrecking the home too bad, huh?"

But one family Nicole is wrecking is her own. She says, "My son, he went to a football game last Saturday and he was like, mom, 'you're disgusting. I didn't know you had sex with him.”

Forrester also claims that in spite of all the media hoopla, Josh is still communicating with her! She says he sent one recently that read: "Wow, UR scared?"

Nicole says she’s told Josh, "I kept telling him I don't want any part of this."

It seems Forrester is at least attempting to turn over a new leaf. She says she hasn’t stripped at all since the incident. "I don't want to because of my children," she says. "They asked that I never do it again."

Yeah, that money she probably got for the story will probably tie her over for a little while! Don’t miss the full interview with Extra tonight!