Josh Duhamel ‘Taking Time Off’ For Baby

July 12, 2013 By:
Josh Duhamel ‘Taking Time Off’ For Baby

You're going to see a little less of Josh Duhamel in the coming months...

The actor is gearing up for his next role and it won’t be one you can stand in line for at the multiplex this summer. It’ll include a ton of action, but not the car crashing, building exploding variety we’re accustomed to from the Transformers actor. We’re talking diapers. We’re talking babies. We’re talking Duhamel starring as a real-life dad.

His wife Fergie is expected to deliver any day now and Josh is more than ready for the job.

“I plan on taking as much time as I can off just before and as much time as possible after,” Josh told "ET Canada." “I just can’t imagine having a kid and then not being able to be there, that would just drive me crazy.”

“I look forward to putting the attention [on the baby],” he added. “All the love that you have for something like that is what makes it so great and I think we are both ready for that.”