Josh and Fergie: Stronger After Scandal

May 15, 2010 By:
Josh and Fergie: Stronger After Scandal

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned scandal to help a marriage get back on track. Josh Duhamel, who was accused of cheating on Fergie with a stripper last year, claims their relationship is “stronger than ever" after what they went through.

“I believe in love, for sure,” Duhamel told Britain’s Company magazine. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that love is real, but there are different levels.

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He continued, “It ebbs and flows. Fergs and I have been together for six years and our relationship has changed so much. I mean, the first three months, well, there’s nothing like it! But, after six years, our marriage is stronger than ever, and it can get even better.”

Josh recently revealed he’d like to start a family with Fergie, but work keeps getting in the way. “I have always loved kids… I am happy with one, but I will take seven,” he said last month. Well get on it! We'd love to see little Josh's and Fergie's running around Hollywood.