Fergie To Pack On Pounds For Movie

October 28, 2008 By:
Fergie To Pack On Pounds For Movie

If Fergie has been looking a little...um...full lately, blame it on the industry. The singer/actress was told to pack on the pounds for her role in upcoming movie-musical, Nine.

Fergie, who is currently rehearsing in Britain before shooting starts, admits she's been spending some extra time in London hoping to bulk up.

She says, "I actually love (British food). I was actually told to gain weight for the film so I've been eating everything - anything and everything. That's why I am covering up except for my legs because they never gain weight and that's the only part that never changes but everything else is covered."

It's probably a good thing she's pre warning us about some weight gain, or else everyone would have jumped to conclusions assuming she's pregnant.