Fergie Talks Bisexuality and Drug Addiction on Oprah

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Fergie Talks Bisexuality and Drug Addiction on Oprah
The former Queen of talk shows can’t help but get into the nitty-gritty of the personal lives of celebrities.

Oprah is continuing her streak of putting stars in the hot seat. The latest celeb to join the conversation is Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, who on an episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter" is questioned about a variety of sensitive subjects, including her sexual encounters with women and problem streak with drugs.

A teaser for the episode hits the Internet today…

“You were broke, addicted to drugs and unemployed,” says Oprah to kind of summarize Fergie’s position prior to the Black Eyed Peas.

“Who comes off of crystal meth and walks into the Peas?” asks Oprah.

And, then turning to relationships...

“There was a time when you were comfortable being with women,” says Oprah.

One question that didn’t come up that we’re all still dying for someone to answer to... “Why exactly did the Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl XLV suck so hard?”

Another topic skimmed over in the preview is the question of whether Fergie is leaving the Black Eyed Peas for good to persue other opportunities. Rumors of the split began as early as November of 2011, when Ashanti was said to be taking Fergie’s place in the band.

Later in the episode, at a sit-down dinner, Oprah keeps things sizzling, bringing Fergie’s husband Josh Duhamel to the table and asking about his alleged infidelity.

Ouch, Oprah… I’d say this whole “laying it on the table” approach was rough, but it’s not exactly unexpected coming from the talk show icon lately.

In addition to Fergie, Oprah has recently grilled the likes of Rihanna on Chris Brown, Usher on his cheating and the Kardashians on their undeserving fame.

Fegie’s revealing conversation on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” airs October 21 at 9/8 c on the OWN network.

Check out a teaser for the episode here!

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