Fergie: Not Pregnant Now, But Will Be Soon

November 4, 2011 By:
Fergie: Not Pregnant Now, But Will Be Soon

A pregnancy announcement in Hollywood happens several times per month. Stars like to procreate and it gets tiring watching these pretty faces parade around in empire-waist maxi dresses, so when a star says “I'm NOT pregnant,” I'm all ears.

Because we can't keep track of who is or isn't preggers nowadays, Fergie made it very clear when she told Us Weekly, “I'm not pregnant.” Ok so, Jessica Simpson IS pregnant, Beyonce IS pregnant (unless you're a conspiracy theorist), and Fergie is NOT pregnant. Good to know.

Ever since she and hubby Josh Duhamel got married nearly 3 years ago, everyone has wanted to know when they would start a family.

“There's no specific plans for babies, but we do want to have them in the future,” says Fergie.

She says her Black Eyed Peas bandmate Taboo is “expecting me to be expecting any day now,” but she says there's no way that could happen because of her grueling work schedule.

“There are a lot of things that I haven't had time to do because I've been so focused on work,” says Fergie.

However, that shouldn't be a problem now as the Peas are on a “break” from making music. The news of their break only further fueled rumors that Fergie was having a baby.

“I'm taking a break, were all taking a break from The Black Eyed Peas and doing our own thing,” Fergie tells Hollyscoop.

Also, her husband Josh Duhamel isn't helping to squash the baby rumors by gushing over his niece.

“My sister has twins, my little niece sang me the ABC's for the first time, like she fully sings it with the harmony and everything, she's two,” Duhamel tells HS.

We had to ask him, all this talk of babies, does that mean he's expecting his own soon?

“Of course, I mean yea, eventually, eventually,” he dished to Hollyscoop.

When we asked Fergie how she felt about Josh telling media outlets that he's thinking of having kids she says, “I feel fine with that I think that is good, I think that is really amazing that we were just talking about this in front of everybody. My lovely husband he tells all these stories and its great, it's amazing.”

Back in May, Duhamel joked that he wanted five kids with Fergie. She told HS, “I do agree with that, I like that number.”