Fergie Hints at Pregnancy

January 3, 2012 By:
Fergie Hints at Pregnancy

Fergie has been on baby-watch for almost a year now and ever since the Black-Eyed-Peas announced their hiatus, the only thing on everyone’s mind is, when will Fergie have babies with her hubby Josh Duhamel?

Okay, I’m sure there are a lot of other things on everyone’s mind besides Fergie’s uterus, but you get the picture.

So will 2012 see babies for the couple? “Maybe, who knows? We’ll see.” says the 36-year-old singer.

Agggh, the old “maybe” comment. Oh well, for now she says she going to enjoy being a stay-at-home wife, finally not on a hectic musicians schedule.

“I want to spend time with my husband, watch football, watch football, watch basketball,” she told People, “I’m going where the day takes me – having days where I have no schedule. That’s going to be nice and refreshing for me…a definite change.”

Too bad that’s not what her husband told us!

Duhamel told Hollyscoop that he wanted kids, “Of course [I do],” he told HS, “I mean yea, eventually, eventually.”

Okay, so they both give the same evasive comments. Whatever… the day Fergie starts wearing yoga pants and steps out in “flowy tops,” we’ll know why!

For now, her only New Years plans are to sleep in.

“I’m looking forward to being home and not having to sleep in a different city or country every night," admits Fergie.