Fergie and Josh to Start Trying for a Baby

December 9, 2009 By:
Fergie and Josh to Start Trying for a Baby

Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel were rocked by a cheating scandal a few months ago a la Tiger Woods, but the couple has vowed to stay together and they're even ready to expand their family.

Fergie says she's ready to try for a baby as soon as the Black Eyed Peas tour wraps up in April.

She said: “Am I getting broody? Oh, definitely! But I want to finish this tour first before trying to start a family. We’re never going to be at this time of our lives again so we have to make the most of it.”

While Fergie still hasn't discussed her husbands cheating allegations, she does have some tips for a "successful marriage."

She explained to Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine: “It’s been a lovely year, but I’m missing him now as I’m on tour with the Black Eyed Peas. It’s a month since we saw each other, but we talk every day. It helps that Josh is in showbiz too.

“I’m a fun wife, I think. I’m not much of a homemaker, but I do love to cook. We have a lot of fun together, which is very important.
“At home, our favorite thing on a sunny day is to lay out by our pool and play music while our dog Zoë swims and Josh chips a golf ball to her with his golf club.”

We gotta keep our eyes pealed for a little baby pea bump. Looks like a scandal isn't enough to break these two up. Do you think they'll last?