Featured Profile: Katie Price aka Jordan

March 14, 2006 By:
Featured Profile: Katie Price aka Jordan

During her venture into show business, Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan, has proven once again that the right physical dimensions and an unabashed willingness to flaunt, tease and strip for the camera are merely enough to get your foot in the door, its what you do when your inside that matters.

Katie Price aka: Jordan rose to fame in 1996, after being featured on the infamous Page 3 in the London-based Sun newspaper. She has since become a core of British tabloids, only now she makes headlines rather than simply posing next to them

Why it’s good to be Jordan? How about the fact that she’s graced over 1000 magazine covers around the world, has Carmen Electra on speed dial, and once lived in the Playboy mansion?

Why we love Katie? (Besides the fact that she’s scorching hot) she’s actually down to earth! She’d rather spend time with her hubby and kids then hit the nightlife…and she’s adamant on keeping in touch with her fans. She’s one of the reigning queens of Myspace
with more friends then the entire population of her hometown!

She has the fastest selling autobiography
in UK, and has yet to release her other two books, a workoutDVD
, and a jewelry line. She’s currently working on 2 movies, 1 confirmed and other still in talks.

In true Hollywood fashion, there’s always room to scorn picture perfect models, but instead we choose to reward her for not being ashamed of who she is and using her damn good looks to get ahead and her wits to stay in the game. Bravo!

"Some people may be famous for creating a pencil sharpener. I'm famous for my tits."
-Katie Price