Some Fashion Dos And Fashion Donts

October 12, 2006 By:
Some Fashion Dos And Fashion Donts

The following are the fashion DO’S and DO NOT’S of the week. It’s Fall and you will be seeing many celebrities wearing coats with prints. This season its all abut graphics, just like the coat Ashlee Simpson was spotted wearing in London.

Although prints are in we understand that sometimes they might get too confusing. When do you know if you have crossed the line? Well here is our word of advice, if you look like Kanye West and people mistake your jacket for a Halloween costume than that’s an automatic Fashion Don’t.

On to the second look! Bangles are “in” and it seems like celebrities love this look. When Kim Kardashian attended Nick Cannon’s PNB Nation Store Opening in Hollywood the other night, she opted for gold bangles to add to her sultry red look.

Now Nicole Richie took the bangle trend a little overboard when she was spotted at Guys looking like she had raided her jewelry box and decided to put every bracelet she owned on her hand. We love Nicole and hate to bash on her so we will give her credit for wearing an adorable top with her hot Louboutin heels.

Now the next look is as simple as it gets, if you are not a tennis player than leave the short skirts and sneakers at home. It’s ok to wear a tennis skirt like Anna Kournikova does for a tennis match but not for Miami Fashion Week like Brooke Hogan opted to.

Our last fashion NO NO is a category all on its own. Hollywood’s ex-Sexiest Man Alive Matthew McConaughey was spotted wearing socks with flip-flops. Need we say more with this one?