Would You Pay $45,000 For This?

March 16, 2007 By:
Would You Pay $45,000 For This?

Yup, this is the new Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag that everyone is talking about. The one that's supposedly the most expensive bag ever. Would you pay $45,000 for this bag? $45 maybe. $45,000...hell no! Believe it or not, this bag is completely Sold Out! Who would buy it? Beats me! I'm willing to bet that we're gonna see an Olsen with one soon though.

About two-dozen special customers of the French line ordered the $45,000 custom-made shoulder bags months ago — and they've all been delivered. No more are being made, and Vuitton doesn't want to talk about them.

Contrary to internet rumors, It is not the most expensive bag ever sold: An Hermés Birkin bag of black crocodile with a diamond-covered clasp sold for $64,800 at auction in April 2005. But $45,000 is still pretty damn expensive.

No word yet on who would pay the equivalent of a college education for the bag designed by Marc Jacobs and made up of pieces of 15 Vuitton bags. The British press, never shy about sniping at the French, referred to the bag as "Frankenstein's monster" when it appeared on the runway last fall. Ouch!