Trend Alert: Red Sunglasses!

July 12, 2007 By:
Trend Alert: Red Sunglasses!

What do Lindsay Lohan and Sienna Miller have in common? They are both wearing the hot item of the season; red sunglasses! You heard it people, red framed sunglasses are a fast growing trend within Hollywood and it will definitely be a hit for the rest of the summer.

We’ve provided you with some ideas on red sunglasses for all price ranges, but one thing you won’t go wrong with is the red Ray Bans Sienna is sporting. That’s a triple score if you ask me, Ray Bans,Red and cheap!

1) Isaac Mizrahi for Target - $17.99

2) Forever 21 - $4.80

3) Chanel - $ 200 and above

4) Dita Supa Dupa sunglasses- $ 175