The Peep Shows About To Begin

June 15, 2007 By:
The Peep Shows About To Begin

It's time for Hollyscoop’s fashion pick of the week, this week we're peeping through what’s going to be hot for summer, literally. Drop the bountiful cleavage and bring on the peep show.

We’re talking about carefully placed keyholes, cutouts and see through fabrics. Cate Blanchett recently sported a Versace gown with a subtle half moon slit under the breasts, which draws the gaze to a typically unseen hot spot.

Among some of our favorite brands, Chanel's new designs bring a flash of skin at the chest. If you can't afford the big budget names, you can wear simple tee shirts and tops and as long as it has the cut--your in!

There is no specific size and style of the cutouts as well, they can be triangular, as seen on supermodel Giselle Bundchen, and could be found from the chest, hip and any other joint on your body. So if you want to replicate this look, go grab the scissors!