Lets Get Eclectic!

September 28, 2006 By:
Lets Get Eclectic!

It's fashion Thursday again, you excited? I know you are! Well this week we wanted to introduce you guys to a really cool line that not only caters to women's fashion, but men as well. It’s called Eclectic Clothing trust us when we tell you it’s gonna be huge in Hollywood.

Eclectic is all about casual-wear with a mix of hip hop, rock n roll, and couture with a lot of edge. The shirts have been seen on celebs like Heidi Klum, Eve, Josh Henderson from “Desperate Housewives”, Kirsten Storms from “General Hospital” and yes even the Hollyscoop girls have jumped on the “Eclectic Bandwagon”.

The line ranges with comfy materials in t shirts, hoodies, thermals and polo shirts. We have a feeling that the “Cali Lub” thermal and “Ghetto Blaster” thermal will be a big hit this fall. What’s so awesome about this line is that they're reasonably priced with a lot of edge. Check out some of their collection on their official website Eclectic81.com

Eclectic Clothing is a inspiration by the designer's surroundings: the surfers and the beaches, city culture, skateboarders, breakers, graffiti artist, Hollywood clubs, and the fashionable, who crowd the dance floors. What Eclectic has done is produce creative pieces that can be worn by all walks of life. This can be detected by the different designs ranging from all the creations made by Eclectic. Now that’s what Hollyscoop calls Eclectic!