Jean Paul Gaultier Is All About Purity

January 25, 2007 By:
Jean Paul Gaultier Is All About Purity

It was all about religion for Jean Paul Gaultier's couture
spectacular run way show. Dita Von Teese, who looked absolutely fabulous, did more than just attend the fashion show, she actually participated as a model.

Dita was transformed into a Spanish-style Virgin Mary for the religious
themed show in Paris. She confidently took on the runway in front of a packed audience which included Victoria Beckham.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s new line was inspired by his childhood memories of his religious upbringing in a suburb of Paris. The models’ heads were wreathed in halos and even had the symbolic Virgin Mary on them. "It is simply the image of purity and serenity," said the French designer. "We were looking for a little corner of paradise."