Heatherette Rocks New York Fashion Week

February 7, 2007 By:
Heatherette Rocks New York Fashion Week

During New York City fashion week the show that creates the biggest buzz isn’t the big name couture lines, but it’s the pop culture inspired Heatherette show.

If you’re not familiar with this line here’s the scoop, designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains, who already made a name for themselves in this town, have fused dazzle and pop with the spirit of the millennium. The line is a perfect combination of celebrity chic and street sleek.

Getting a ticket for this show is harder than getting a ticket to the Oscars. The show is always a star-studded event celebrities including Kimora Lee Simmons, Aubrey O'Day from Danity Kane, Lydia Hearst and the number one transvestite in the world Amanda Lepore all made cameos.

Everyone was expecting a visit from Paris Hilton, because she usually models in the show every year, but she was a no show this year. We heard that the heiress canceled out on her appearance due to "vomiting on a plane on her way there from Miami" which was a big old lie 'cause we saw her the night before at Butter and she looked like she was having a blast.

This years collection was inspired by the "Wizard of Oz". Guests were given 3D glasses, which made the effect of the show more animated than it already was.

At the show we spotted Kim Kardashian, Amber Tamblyn, Diana DeGarmo, JC Chasez, Cuba Gooding Jr, Nick Cannon, Kimberly Stewart, Kelly Rowlandand Lauren Conrad. After the show there’s always an after party and we headed to the Roseland Ballroom where we caught up with Amanda Lepore before she took on the stage to perform. Danity Kane opened up the night to a crowd that was eager to get the party rolling. The party atmosphere made us reminiscent of Studio 54 with guys in roller skates, big wigs, fairy’s and glitter outfits.

Everyone from academy award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. dressed in a chic turtleneck and jeans, to J.C. Chasez in a long jacketed blue suit made an appearance at the V.I.P. suite hosted by Svedka Vodka, Fever Stimulation Beverage and Toña Nicaraguan beer. Nick Cannon spun the tunes and things really got chaotic when Richie Rich and Trevor Rains made their entrance causing the crowds to push and shove one another for just a glimpse of the fashion icons.
Special thanks to our good pal and New York Socialite Devorah Rose.