Halloween Comes Early For Hollywood Stars

October 26, 2006 By:
Halloween Comes Early For Hollywood Stars

Halloween has come a bit early for stars like Lindsay Lohan and Lisa Rinna. The teen queen was at a X-box bash in Hollywood last night and was spotted channeling Morticia Addams. Lindsay is lucky she attempted this look a few days before Halloween. . Any other time of year it wouldn’t work.

On the other end Lisa Rinna decided to spice up a Ronald McDonald children’s event in Los Angeles on October 22nd wearing a pirates outfit.

If you are still scrambling for a Halloween costume and need an inexpensive get up here is a little tip for you.

For an outfit like Lindsay’s all you need to do is dig up your closet for a black dress. It could be long or short; all you need to do is match it with gothic make up. The only expense you would have is a black wig.

For a costume like Lisa’s, all you need is leggings, boots and a white loose shirt with a thick belt. We are positive you can find these in your own closet. The only cost you would have is the hat, eye patch and sword. Other than that you are ready to go.