From Rehab To Catwalk

February 5, 2007 By:
From Rehab To Catwalk

Looks like things are looking up for Miss USA Tara Conner who just recently finished her stint in rehab and is now taking on the catwalk in New York for Fashion Week. Wonder if she would have gotten all these oppurtunities minus the scandal?

Tara strutted her stuff for fashion designer Tadashi and revealed that although she's clean she still gets some urges. Tara told New York Daily News, "If I were to say I never have cravings, then I would be lying."

"I'll be in situations where I would have initially had a drink, but I feel better and I take more pride in not doing it now."

"I realize that if I put any chemical in my body that I'm going to have an allergic reaction, and it's going to take me back, and I don't want to go back."

Conner enjoyed her time as a model as she posed for photographers backstage before the show and greeted special guests such as Ashanti, Carmen Electra and Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera. Conner also walked onstage with designer Tadashi Shoji as he concluded his show, drawing wild applause from the hundreds of people filling the tent.

The designer revealed that Conner picked her long, shiny dress with a crocheted center ornament from several gowns in his collection and that despite her difficult reputation before entering rehab, working with her was a pleasure.