Fashion Trend: Sasha Collection

September 21, 2006 By:
Fashion Trend: Sasha Collection

Its Hollyscoop’s fashion Thursday and boy do we have the scoop on the
hottest dress line to hit Hollywood! The next trend that's sure to
become a household name is the “Sasha Collection” by Debby Oren, who
teamed up with brilliant L.A. designer Sonia Leon to create these
wearable confections. We had seen most of these dresses all around town
and on some of Hollywood’s finest. Being the fashionistas that we are,
we tried to get a hold of these dresses for a special event we hosted
this past weekend at clothing boutique to the stars Rumor

What makes these dresses so hot is that they're actually
...yup you heard it, you can wear the same dress twice and
make it seem like a whole new outfit. You can reverse it from a soft
knit black solid side to the luxe silk chiffon, and for the upcoming
holidays, a sultry silk charmeuse (I have first dibs on the delectable
royal purple -- the season's hottest color -- fit for a gossip queen!)

And what's most incredible about the dresses is that they fit any body
type -- they're one size fits all!!! And if you don't believe us, look
again at the photo above -- we're all completely different shapes and
sizes, and the dress fit us all perfectly! Seriously, they make you
look like a runway model, and SOOO comfortable (trust us, we were
running around all night being fabulous!). Not to mention that the neck
is completely adjustable, making it wearable high up or as a v-neck

This dress is going to be a dream for all the jet-setters out
there -- just throw it in the overnight bag and go -- several looks
in one, and not a wrinkle in sight!! We spoke to the owner of “The
Sasha Collection”, Debby Oren, who told us exclusively why the
“Sasha Collection” has become an epidemic in Hollywood:” When I
teamed up with L.A. fashion designer Sonia Leon, I knew that her
brilliant one-size fits all; reversible technique would be a hit for us
L.A. girls...I didn't, however, expect quite the response that it
received.... selling out several times over in top stores
! They demanded more, so we had to give it to them, offering The Sasha
Dress in the hottest looks for fall/holiday, from leopard to plaid to
peacock to polka dots, and in rich jewel tone solid silk charmeuses!
Paris Hilton just bought the leopard dress at both Sugar on La Brea and
Dash (owned by famed stylist Kim Kardashian) in Calabasas, and we are
getting requests pouring in from celebs who are constantly traveling and
have several appearances back to back, for which this dress is

This new line is great because you can wear it during the day with flip
flops (we are ALL about that in L.A.) and you can glam it up at night
with some sky-high heels. From the looks of it it's going to be a very
Sasha fall and holiday -- you'll be seeing it on yours truly at our
events.... that’s for sure! To find out where you can get your very own
“Sasha Dress” keep reading...

Rumor Boutique-

Sugar on La Brea - West Hollywood, CA

Diavolina -- Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA

Inago -- 3rd Street, West Hollywood, CA

Dash -- Calabasas, CA

Brunette -- West Hollywood, CA

Bombshell - Manhattan Beach, CA

Tuso - Sherman Oaks Galleria, CA

Bella Rosa - Los Gatos, CA

Adam & Eve - Bainbridge Island, WA

Dressed/Ready by Susan Pitcher - Santa Barbara (Montecito), CA

Last September -- Marina Del Rey, CA

Canary in a Clothesmine -- Breckenridge, CO

Pieces -- Jackson, MS

Sorella -- Media, PA