Fashion Thursday Hits the Rails

October 26, 2006 By:
Fashion Thursday Hits the Rails

It’s fashion Thursday and this weeks hottest line to hit the scene is the clothing line Rails. Although this line is fairly new, it has quickly found its place in Hollywood. Stars like Jessica Alba can’t seem to get enough.

What makes this line special is because it fuses the comfort style of California active-wear with the contemporary design elements of European styling.

We have our own Rails shirts and hoodie’s and we must admit they are extremely comfortable.

Rails designer and Los Angeles native Jeff Abrams grew up among the iconic surf culture of Southern California. However, it was three years of working in Italy in his early twenties where the direction of ‘Rails’ would take form. The influences of European fashion began to merge with the Southern California lifestyle. The result was a men’s and women’s collection that strikes a balance between these two worlds and delivers the perfect combination of comfort and style for every occasion.

Rails has quickly found its place in top boutiques around the country, including Fred Segal and Kitson in Los Angeles, Blue Bee in Santa Barbara, Villain’s Vault in San Francisco, Scoop in New York, and many others. Make sure you get your ‘Rails’ on!