Fashion Goes Green

April 10, 2007 By:
Fashion Goes Green

The world is starting to become a little more environmentally friendly or 'green' and the fashion industry wants to chime in. With concerns over global warming and conserving the world’s resources, designers are coming up with innovative ideas to replace the old and create new products to help save the world.

One line that is making a huge buzz in Hollywood is
Panda Snack, a luxury bamboo knit collection. Celeb fans include Cedric The Entertainer and Sophia Bush. This line recently launched the "I CARE" tee designed to bring attention to Africa’s clean water crises and all sales profits will go to the Matt Damon's 'H20 Africa' program.

It's not just outerwear that’s going eco-friendly, but undies too! 2(x)ist is a underwear line which is comprised of an ingenious combination of bamboo carbon infused fibers. Stars such as Janice Dickinson and Fred Durst are big fans of this line.

Political attire is even going "green". features many satirical tees made from organic materials. Speaking of Bush, his niece model Lauren Bush will be launching her own organic clothing line in the near future.

Other lines to jump on the bandwagon include American Apparel, with its organic green baby collection and 360 Degrees which has given a new name to organic totes. I guess everyone wants to go green and look stylish at the same time!