Fashion Don't: Victoria Beckham

December 1, 2006 By:
Fashion Don't: Victoria Beckham

We don’t know who to blame for this fashion DONT. Is Fashion icon Victoria Beckham to blame for this poor taste of judgment or the fashion designer himself? We’re big fans of Roberto Cavalli, but after seeing this dress, I’m convinced that this was the result of a bad dream after eating too much Chinese food. We’re really disappointed that Victoria chose to wear this outfit for the Bambi Awards in Stuttgart, Germany; however, everyone makes mistakes so we’ll be willing to let this slide just this one time.

One thing we are not too easily forgiving on is DIVA like behavior, we were surprised to hear that Victoria pissed off photographers at this event as organizers told photographers from news agencies that they were required to sign a document from Beckham's manager placing a series of restrictions on photographs of Beckham.

According to the Associated Press, the agencies could cover the awards if they would agree not to take any photographs of Victoria whatsoever. If photographs were taken, it would only be used for three months and Posh would receive copies of each photo and be allowed to use them for any promotional purposes. Victoria also said she wanted photogs to be prohibited from revealing any "confidential information" they discovered about her during the ceremony. The AP refused to bow down to the queen for any restrictions and the result was these photos that were taken on the red carpet.

No word on why Victoria went bananas, she is usually very camera friendly. Other stars that attended this event Karl Lagerfeld and Samuel L Jackson, who was being honored at the event.