Christian Dior's Fashion Accessory Forecast

July 3, 2007 By:
Christian Dior's Fashion Accessory Forecast

Like we reported earlier, John Galliano marked his 10th year as the creative helm of iconic fashion house Christian Dior with one of the most extravagant fashion shows in history. The show also marked the 60th anniversary of Dior fashion.

Galliano, who credits painters, fashion illustrators and photographers as his inspiration, brilliantly paired bold colors with exquisite details; not just for his couture dresses, but also for the accessories.

From sky high wedge platforms to straw and feathered hats, Galliano pulled out all the stops to ensure the 60th anniversary of the house of Dior was a moment to remember.

When it comes to fall fashion, its quite obvious the forecast calls for big and bold. Think vivid colors, exquisite details, and extreme elegance.