Bring On The Beanies!

March 27, 2007 By:
Bring On The Beanies!

Yana K kicked off her fall 2007 fashion line at the California Market Center on Saturday night. Our fabulous Hollyscoop correspondent Robin Woodson was there to talk to Yana K about her line.

Yana has always been known for her unique designs and this time around it's ALL about the oversized beanie. That's right ladies! if you don't have time to do your hair, Yana's beanies are just what you're
looking for.

They've always looked great with jeans, but now you can even pair them with mini dresses. Yana adds her own touch to the beanies by mixing funky colors and sequences. She also says to throw out the black leggings, the trend is now colored leggings. Singer Blu Cantrell describes the new line as "A pauper that's rich."