Redmond Will Be Allowed to Attend Farrah's Funeral

June 26, 2009 By:
Redmond Will Be Allowed to Attend Farrah's Funeral

Redmond O'Neal is still in prison indefinitely, but he will be permitted to attend his mother Farrah Fawcett’s funeral.

Commissioner Jane Godfrey signed a removal order today which will allow Redmond to be temporarily released so that he can pay respects to his mother.

Redmond will be allowed to wear a suit and not his jail issued attire. The source adds Redmond is devastated by the death of his mother and is committed to his sobriety to honor her because he promised he would stay clean for her.

He wasn’t there at the time of his death, but People reports that he was able to call his mother before she passed and said "how much he loved her and asked her to please forgive him that he was so very, very sorry.”

Friends and family plan to honor Fawcett with a funeral service at a Catholic cathedral in Los Angeles in the next few days.