Hospitalized Farrah Fawcett Tells Fans There's Hope

April 6, 2009 By:
Hospitalized Farrah Fawcett Tells Fans There's Hope

Just to add to list of this family’s problems, Farrah Fawcett was admitted to the hospital on Friday.

Radar first reported the news that she had slipped into unconsciousness, and her loved ones were holding a bedside vigil for her. But today she, her doctors, and a producer friend have released a statement clearing up the severity of her illness.

Producer Craig Nevius said in a statement today, "Although it is usually against her nature to correct false or exaggerated stories that originate in tabloid-style reports.

"Farrah is allowing this statement out of appreciation for her fans, who have offered their constant support throughout her fight, as well as out of concern for the countless other cancer patients who have written her over the last two and a half years in order to tell her that they are following her story in the hope that there is hope.

"Tonight, Farrah has hope, and she hopes that others will continue to hold onto theirs."

Farrah landed in the hospital after traveling from Germany to LA. According to her doctor, she had undergone a small procedure, and experienced bleeding on the flight back.

Farrah has been battling colorectal cancer since 2006, and had been declared cancer-free. However, in the last few months she’s experienced a relapse.

Well, good news is that her current hospitalization is not as serious as was previously reported. But what awful timing for Farrah to be going through this when her son has just been arrested on a drug possession charge. Farrah needs to be surrounded by positive people right now! We’re hoping she eventually going to be able to beat this.


Farrah Fawcett’s cancer has reportedly spread to her liver. As we reported earlier, Farrah underwent a procedure in Germany where she was receiving alternative treatments that aren’t available in the U.S. Her doctor has announced that her cancer has spread to her liver now. He says, "She remains in good spirits with her usual sense of humor...If everything goes as we hope, we plan to discharge her later in the week."

Her longtime boyfriend Ryan O'Neal has asked fans to "pray for her" but said, "this is not at death's door."

We continue to keep Farrah in our thoughts!