Farrah's Story to Get a Sequel

May 18, 2009 By:
Farrah's Story to Get a Sequel

As a result of the high ratings of Farrah’s Story that aired on NBC, the documentary will now get a follow-up. Ryan O'Neal announced the news this morning on the Today show after nearly 9 million tuned in last Friday.

O’Neal said, "We haven't stopped filming, and we're going to make a second installment on her life eventually.”

Ryan told Meredith Viera, "When we began watching it Friday night, she had a very low pulse. But by the end of the program...It kept going up and up and up. It was wonderful. We have to now show her one of her films every night."

Farrah Fawcett’s longtime friend Alana Stewart added, "She cried a few times. It was very emotional for her, Meredith, and I think it's because it's been a very, very long journey and going back through it was probably a bit painful. When it was over, I said, 'OK, so did you like it?' And she said, 'I liked it very, very, very, very, very much.' Those were her exact words."

It sounds like Farrah has a very tight-knit support group around her right now. It’s too bad her son Redmond is struggling with drugs at a time when she needs him most. And according to E!, Redmond is staying put for the time being. LA Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore says, "Mr. O' Neal did not visit his mother or anybody. He did not leave the facility, has not left the facility, since that one visit weeks ago that was approved by the court. He was in custody in the same jail Friday, Saturday, Sunday and this morning."

That poor family is going through so much right now! Did you catch the documentary? What did you think of Farrah’s Story?