Farrah Fawcett to Leave Hospital Soon

April 7, 2009 By:
Farrah Fawcett to Leave Hospital Soon

Good news! Farrah Fawcett is reportedly going to be leaving the hospital soon.

Her friend and documentarist Craig Nevius says she is not on death’s door as previously reported, and “will be going home very shortly.”

Farrah has been recovering at an LA hospital since last Thursday, after returning home from Germany. Nevius tells the AP, “She’s on the mend and will be going home very shortly. She’s doing fantastic. Her fight goes on...She’s not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Nevius is the producer of Farrah’s documentary A Wing and a Prayer, which chronicles her three-year fight against cancer. Other friends and family of the actress are in awe of her willpower, especially in light of her recent setback.

Her friend, who also helped produce the doc, Alana Stewart, says, "I've never seen anyone fight for their life like this.”

She also mentioned to People magazine how hurtful it is to Farrah to see incorrect things printed about her. Stewart says, "Farrah is not in a coma and she's never been unconscious.

"It's unconscionable for these things to be put out. It's so tremendously hurtful to Farrah. It's put her in a panic. But Farrah's spirit is incredible."
We’re hoping she’s released from the hospital as planned soon!