Farrah Fawcett Doesn't Weigh 86 Pounds

April 21, 2009 By:
Farrah Fawcett Doesn't Weigh 86 Pounds

Reports surfaced last week that Farrah Fawcett had dropped to a scary 86 pounds.

Her son Redmond O'Neal facilitated the rumor last week after explaining to a judge that he wished to be with his ill mother. The claim was made public, and shocked many people, who were unaware that Farrah was doing so poorly.

But Farrah’s physician Lawrence Piro spoke up today to negate the story, saying that his 5’6” client weighs 101 pounds, not 86. He also called it a “reasonable weight” under the circumstances.

Piro went on to say that he’s trying to focus on her nutrition as she continues to get treatment for her cancer. He says, “She's continuing to eat as much as she can, and we're continuing to have a good array of nutritious food offerings so she can do that.

"All cancer treatments tend to erode your appetite a little bit. That's why nutrition is a very active part of any treatment," he said. We're paying a lot of attention to that with her, and she's very aware of that."

Piro also mentioned that Fawcett has been able to gain weight, and has gained a lot of her strength back. He also noted that Farrah has always maintained a healthy lifestyle and continues to do so.

So it sounds like Redmond may have stretched the truth about his mother’s condition in order to get a more lenient sentence. It doesn’t surprise us one bit, but we’re relieved to hear that Farrah is doing better than expected.