Fantasia Shoots Reality Show One Day After Hospital

August 13, 2010 By:
Fantasia Shoots Reality Show One Day After Hospital

We’re starting to really think Fantasia is pulling one big publicity stunt with all this overdose/sex tape/breaking up a marriage nonsense.

Just one day after being released from the hospital for an alleged suicide attempt, she was spotted having an encounter with her lover Antwaun Cook. That sounds pretty innocent, given the fact that they’ve been in a relationship for almost a year.

But what makes it totally f**ked up is that it was all being recorded! That’s right, Fantasia and Antwaun had a heart-to-heart all for the cameras. Photos were taken of the two of them in a park in Charlotte, NC—with a camera crew in tow. The scenes will likely be shown during her upcoming reality show, Fantasia For Real.

Meanwhile, Cook’s wife is closer than ever to filing a lawsuit against Fantasia for breaking up her marriage. Her lawyer Gena Morris told People,
"[Paula Cook] has threatened via her lawyers to me to sue Fantasia.”

At this point, we don’t blame her. If this is really all for publicity it would be extremely pathetic!