Fantasia Released From Hospital

August 12, 2010 By:
Fantasia Released From Hospital

Fantasia has been released from the hospital just two days after being rushed there for an overdose. Her rep has issued a statement to Us Magazine saying, "She has been lifted up by the outpouring of love and support from her fans. She is more committed than ever to her daughter and her work because they are her heart, her soul and inspiration."

The alleged suicide attempt came just after the Fantasia was rumored to have made a sex tape with a married man, Antwaun Cook, causing his wife, Paula, to file for divorce.

Prior to the incident, Dickens said his client was "certain that she is not responsible for the deterioration of Cook's marriage."

So who is this guy Antwaun Cook? According to People, the Charlotte, North Carolina man is father to two sons, and manages a cell phone store, as well as selling real estate.

Fantasia admits to being in an 11-month on-off relationship with Cook, saying that he claimed he was separated from his wife. But according to her, they only stopped living together last month.

Previously, Fantasia said she was attracted to him because he wasn’t in the entertainment industry. "He doesn't rap or produce," she said. "He's from my hometown. He's just a regular dude."

Unfortunately, Fantasia could face legal trouble now as a result of their relationship. North Carolina is one of seven states that allows a party to sue a "home wrecker."

All great press for her upcoming album!