Fantasia Opens Up About After Suicide Attempt

August 17, 2010 By:
Fantasia Opens Up About After Suicide Attempt

Fantasia is out of the hospital and in recovery after her suicide scare. The singer has not had the best month ever, but she is ready to put it behind her and get back to work.

Before all this drama, Fantasia had scheduled appearances to promote her new album, Back to Me. Her record label has announced that she will still move forward with the appearances, which means every single person will ask about the drama leading to more press from her album.

"I can't thank my fans enough for their prayers and support during such a challenging time," Fantasia said in a statement released on Monday night. "It has given me the motivation to get back to work ...I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this album and I pray that everyone enjoys it as much as I do."

Suicide is not a joke, but the timing to all of this is pretty fishy. Would we care about her new album if she didn't allegedly make a sex tape with a married man and go to the hospital? Just a thought.