The Fall Out Boys On Stage Brawl

January 9, 2007 By:

Fall Out Boy's On Stage Brawl


Who knew Fall Out Boy front man Pete Wentz was a fighter? On January 7th the band took on the Sunshine Theatre in Albuquerque, NM and their stage performance turned into a real life WWF brawl.

According to concertgoers, at the end of their set during 'Saturday', they started letting people onstage. One of the people in Fall Out Boy's camp was letting people onstage and upset one of the security, which prompted an attack on the FOB pal.

Pete, who was singing, saw the brawl and jumped off stage and started attacking the security guard and throwing punches. When he got back on stage Pete exclaimed, "That's what you get when you fuck with my friends...fuckin' asshole."

After that the band left and the entire brawl was caught on tape...Enjoy!