March 11, 2006 By:

"Failure to launch" a romantic comedy starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew McConaughey imagines the phenomenon of thirty something males still living at home with their parents. In the film this epidemic is so large that there exists a profession for women whose job it is to coax and seduce these adolescent male adults from the nest. Parker plays one such "consultant" named Paula, who tries to get Mathew out of his parents nest.

The chemistry between Mathew McCaunahey and Sarah Jessica Parker is evident and strong, despite the fact that there were rumors that they didn't get along. While watching the film, you can't help but notice that Sarah's character reminds you of "Carrie Bradshaw" and you especially cant ignore Mr. Sexiest Man alives abs! Mathew shows his body 80% of the film which won't leave most viewers unsatisfied.

The Hollyscoop meter gives this movie an 8 and we think it's the perfect film to take a date!