Listen: Disney Star Bridgit Mendler Debuts Single 'Ready Or Not'

August 6, 2012 By:

Ready of not, here comes Bridgit Mendler

Following in the footsteps of big names like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and the Jonas Brothers, this new teen talent is on track as the next Disney star to take the music industry by storm. Mendler's first single “Ready Or Not” has just been released and it's good!

To describe Bridgit’s sound, picture an unexpected, but nonetheless awesome combination of the best things about Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

The track is an upbeat, bouncy single that features the perfect pop song recipe sure to become the next Billboard topper. From its catchy chorus, to smashing hooks, to a poppy beat, the summer anthem will easily get radio listeners singing along in their cars.

Mendler attributes the solid debut with her lifetime dedication to creating music.

“I have been writing songs since I was six years old and I’m thrilled to finally share my songs with the world,” she said. “I consider myself to have been that girl sitting on the curb waiting for the world to notice.”

Bridgit made a name for herself starring on Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie,” which her singing voice can be heard on in the show’s theme. She has also appeared in Disney original films like “Lemonade Mouth” and as a guest star on “House M.D.”

The new artist not only hopes that the song will reach fans on a new level but also act as a means of empowering women.

“Ready Or Not” - which features an interpolation of the Delfonics hit song of the same title - was expertly crafted by Emanuel “Eman” Kiriakour and Evan “Kidd” Bogart, and was co-written by Bridgit herself. The song will be listed on her debut studio album Hello My Name Is, expected this fall.

Other tracks on the release will include songs like “Blonde,” meant to bash stereotypes about blondes; “Hurricane,” her entry into hip-hop; and “5:15,” a girl-power ballad about waiting for things to change for the better in a relationship.

“It’s the idea that people get stuck in various scenarios,” said Mendler on “5:15.” “A girl is completely fed up with this guy but ends up making excuses for him."
Shortly after the album’s release, Mendler plans to take her act to the stage for a tour. Though she may have launched into the public sphere with her television roles, her main goal has always been a career in music.

“Music has the ability to impact people in such a strong way. It’s such an important job, and for me it’s the most gratifying thing," said Mendler.

Bridgit Mendler’s first single “Ready Or Not” arrives on August 7.