'KFC Loves Gays' Definitely Not Endorsed By KFC

August 2, 2012 By:

FunnyOrDie.com released a hilarious parody video starring John Goodman called “KFC Loves Gays” to mock all the right-winged biblical mayhem happening over at Chick-fil-A.

The video is great. John Goodman portrays Colonel Sanders and basically plays a big ol' gay bear and sings “if you want the gayest chicken you have to visit me.”

KFC is now home to the gayest chicken. Spread the word.

Well, this is just a parody video and KFC was not involved nor is the commercial meant to be an endorsement. It’s just a funny video y’all biscuitheads!

KFC just released this statement to Hollyscoop to straighten out fact from fiction:

“KFC was not consulted beforehand and did not authorize the creation or posting of this video,” says KFC Spokesman Rick Maynard, “KFC is focused on delivering the world’s best chicken to our customers and we do not comment on political issues.”

Let’s agree to disagree on the “world’s best chicken” angle.

KFC doesn’t say whether or not they are pro-marriage equality in this press release, but those KFC Famous Bowls are pretty damn progressive if you know what I mean.

In the not-endorsed-by-KFC-but-still-funny-video, John Goodman jokes, “When it comes to…marriage rights – why I reckon I’m a bit more progressive than my pals down at Chick-fil-A. Yep, let it be known that Colonel Sanders loves the gays. Hell, I might even be gay.”