EXCLUSIVE: LMFAO Not Splitting Up!

April 24, 2012 By:
EXCLUSIVE: LMFAO Not Splitting Up!

That's right, you heard it here first - LMFAO is NOT splitting up and is, in fact, rehearsing for their upcoming tour!

Just last week, the NY Post reported that the eternal "Party Rockers" were on the outs claiming the two dudes - Redfoo and SkyBlu - were taking separate DJ’ing gigs and that they were fighting over money.

In order to set the record straight, LMFAO released a video to prove that there is no bad blood in the band. In the video, Redfoo approaches SkyBlu with a copy of the NY Post, “Did you see the stuff that they wrote? The crazy stuff? Let me read it to you.”

The guys then start fighting over the paper and eventually begin dancing and chanting “Everyday I’m Tusslin” and finally ending the video with a plug for their Sorry for Party Rocking Tour, “We’re going on tour,” says Redfoo, “Come tussle with us.”

The duo was fighting over money but with their former manager, not each other. The artists parted ways with their manager and he’s now suing them for alleged monies owed. All is fine between RedFoo and SkyBlu!

There were also reports that Redfoo was using the “Party Rock” name for solo DJ gigs and that he’s got his own regular residency in Vegas at club Marquee which was becoming a “sore point” for SkyBlu.

Well, if there was a "sore point" it is sore no-more! MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas announced Tuesday that SkyBlu will launch his own daytime DJ residency at Wet Republic beginning Sunday, May 20.

SkyBlu recently performed his own show at the Chandelier Room at the W Hoboken, his first show in nearly four months. The delay between shows raised eyebrows and had many wondering why it took him so long to get his own gig!

Not only did the band address the rumors with the silly youtube video, but a source very close to the group tells Hollyscoop exclusively that SkyBlu’s four-month absence from the scene was because he was recovering from a back injury. The artist herniated discs in his back in December 2011 and had to stay out of the game for a few months.