Dinner With Tiesto

September 8, 2007 By:
Dinner With Tiesto

Hollyscoop is in Sin City and we’re right in the middle of all the action. This city is known for its nightlife with all the crazy parties and music. Speaking of music, last night we had the privilege to have an intimate dinner with the man who creates the music which is played at most of the hottest clubs in town and all over the world, DJ Tiesto.

This is the guy that has become a global icon and has been named the “Best DJ in the World” three consecutive times by DJ magazine. He is also best known for being the first DJ to play live at the Olympic games opening ceremony in 2004 in Athens, Greece. DJ Tiesto reinvents music as he recently did with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” soundtrack and not to mention Justin Timberlake’s latest hit “Lovestoned.” Tiesto fans are not just ordinary fans they are obsessed with him and his music.

Tiesto mentioned how Timbaland recently approached him and the two will be collaborating on his upcoming album. With all the Hollywood talk, I had to ask Tiesto what he thought about all of the Hollywood "celebrities" jumping on the DJ bandwagon and if he actually took them seriously as DJ’s. Tiesto laughed off the question and said no. This is a guy who made a name for his music and not for what Hollywood socialite he has dated.

Not only is he an incredible DJ but he’s humble as well. He mentioned to me how yesterday he and his buddy were discussing how far they have come from his early days Dj-ing back home at local venues. Tiesto is also the official worldwide ambassador for the Dance4Life foundation, fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

There’s no stopping Tiesto as I learned he is only going to get bigger and better.