Dancing Stars Come Out For A Night In Hollywood

November 20, 2006 By:
Dancing Stars Come Out For A Night In Hollywood

The stars put on their dancing shoes and headed over to the Hollywood Highland complex in LA for the Day and Night dancing extravaganza this past Saturday night. Tornado Dance brought together celebrities to witness the world’s best ballroom dancers from every corner of the world to show off there dancing skills. Karina Smirnoff directed the event which brought in celebrities like Vivica A. Fox, Joey McIntyre, Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin, Blu Cantrell and Eric Benet to name a few who all made cameos at this black tie dancing event.

On the red carpet, one of the first guests to arrive was Mario Lopez’s very supportive mother Elvia. She gushed to us how she’s his number #1 fan and despite the fact that he lost the title to Emmitt Smith, she’s still planning on making him a trophy…too cute right? We asked her about the ongoing rumors of Mario and Karina hooking up and she beat around the bush a little bit but did reveal how much she adored Karina and that Karina actually made Mario a better dancer…but they’re ‘just friends.’ We think they’d be adorable together so we can’t wait for them to finally go public about their undercover romance.

When we were younger, we were hardcore ‘New Kids on the Block’ fans so we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to chat with Joey McIntire when he walked the red carpet. All you ‘Dancing with the Stars’ fans know that he was on the first season of the show and he’s actually going to go on tour—which he confessed he was really excited about. He actually has a new album out in stores that he said he was really proud of, so all you old NKOTB fans should definitely check that out. When we asked him what he wanted for Christmas he joked, “I know I’m supposed to say end world hunger or that I want world peace but I really want some Gucci suits.

Everyone in the media line went a little bananas when Vivica A. Fox strutted her stuff down the red carpet. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her Wayne Clark dress and Barkley jewels. She was by far one of the sweetest celebrities we’ve ever met. She chatted with us about her family back in Indiana and how much she’s looking forward to going back home with “a great big appetite.” She also revealed that she’s going to be spending a week in Turks and Caicos for the New Year just to unwind. When we asked her what she thought about the entire Tomkat wedding she enthusiastically shouted out “Yayyy! Have more babies please because that Suri is cute as a drop…she looks like an angel” We asked if she had any advice for Hollywood couples, and she said to “keep things private! Don’t do interviews about having arguments, everyone has good and bad days but you need to keep it to yourself and have a time out if you need it…but keep it private people!

Last but certainly not least, we had a quick chat with Karina Smirnoff, to whom we unsuccessfully tried to speak Russian with…hey one sentence of Russian can be difficult! Karina actually brought JC Chasez as her date (JC used to date Eva Longoria, who ironically is good friends with Mario Lopez…typical Hollywood love triangle!) We asked Karina if it was weird reading about herself in the tabloids and she said that she generally avoids the magazines but her mother has bought and collected every single magazine that she’s been mentioned in…sounds like something my mother would do! When we asked if she was dating Mario Lopez she simply said she was “looking at [her] options, but didn’t want to talk about her private life.” She’s still a huge fan of Mario and his mother and revealed she will miss him dearly next season. Overall we had a blast rocking the red carpet and enjoyed seeing all the talented dancers do what they do best in the ballroom.