Cops Called On Nicky Hilton

November 13, 2006 By:
Cops Called On Nicky Hilton

Just because you are an heiress doesn’t mean you can get away with everything. We received an email from a lovely Hollyscoop reader and we couldn’t hold this one back.

Okay ladies do my girlfriends and I have a story for you guys. We live in the OC but on Friday night we made our way down to Les Deux to party with the “stars”. Let me begin to tell you that the place was packeddddddd with celebrities. We saw everyone from Jesse Metcalfe(super nice) to the System of the Down boys who were also super nice. The story begins now, so we were talking to Kevin Connolly who was also in the house. He was very nice and was eyeing my girlfriend. So they both ended up speaking and I decided
to capture the moment. I took out my camera and snapped a pic of the two. The pic came out awesome and I was going to send it over, but sadly I don’t have my chip anymore. Why, well also in the house was Nicky Hilton. We were walking around with the girls and snapping photos (not of Nicky because we aren’t a fan) but Nicky’s big bad bodyguard somehow had a power trip and thought we were talking a pic of her. He then took our camera away. That’s when the drama began. I still believe that Nicky Hilton saw my girlfriend speaking to Kevin Connolly and was “the jealous bitter girlfriend” who decided to have a power trip. We then got into a big rift at the club and were escorted out. It didn’t end there because we then consulted with my brother and his friends who all happen to be attorneys and they told us to press charges because it is theft. After contemplating we called the cops and they arrived to the spot. We then took the officer inside to Nicky Hilton’s table and pointed out the person. They then brought him outside and we began to discuss. What we did manage to see while outside was Nicky Hilton making out with a boy out in the open. It seemed that she was really upset and bitter about her break up so she had decided to hook up with anyone in site to make Kevin jealous. What she didn’t realize is that Kevin really didn’t care. Well I hope that’s a good story for you guys and once again I apologize for not having photos but you can blame Nicky Hilton’s folks for that one. Also in the house were Chris Rock with David Spade and Mark Mcgrath at the same table, Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan and the plumber for Desperate housewives. Bye ladies!

Sounds like a regular night in Hollywood high to us.