Bryan Cranston: I Want the Dalai Lama To Play A Drug Dealer in 'Breaking Bad'

February 24, 2012 By:
Bryan Cranston: I Want the Dalai Lama To Play A Drug Dealer in 'Breaking Bad'

Despite the fact that the Dalai Lama has like, no acting experience, Bryan Cranston said His Holiness would be great on ‘Breaking Bad.’

Hollyscoop caught up with Cranston at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Presents an Evening with ‘Breaking Bad.’ We asked which celeb he’d love to have a cameo on the hit show.

“I think it would be the Dalai Lama,” Bryan told Hollyscoop, adding that the Buddhist leader could “come on as a drug dealer.”

Yeah, I don’t know, Bryan. I just checked out the Tibetan spiritual leader’s IMDB page, and quite frankly, it’s an embarrassment. You should really go with Mark Paul Gosselaar or something.

Anyway, we also asked Bryan what we can expect from the upcoming season of the show.

“I honestly don't know, I never ask, and every season is a mystery to me,” Cranston told Hollyscoop. “I don't ask, because I'm on the journey as well, and there is so many twists and turns to the character that it doesn't help me to know in advance.”

Bryan also told Hollyscoop what he thinks the show’s success is attributed to:

“I think people can root for the man that struggles to provide for his family. The great lengths that [Walter White] goes to do what he does is initially understandable, but he gets carried up in it and his ego gets involved. “

Cranston continued describing to us his character on ‘Breaking Bad’, adding that a lot of the appeal of the show is watching Walter crumble.

“The physical danger excites him, and he loses himself, and he becomes a different person. It's interesting to see the devolution of a person.”