Eva Mendes Takes Acting Very Seriously

May 23, 2008 By:
Eva Mendes Takes Acting Very Seriously

We're not buying this but we'll let you guys be the judge. There are rumors circulating on the net that Eva Mendes might have checked herself into rehab not because she had a substance abuse problem, but because she was preparing for an upcoming movie role in which she plays some Spanish drug lord.

Ya, we still don't buy it. At the time her rep said that Eva was in rehab because she was "proactively" attending "to some personal issues."

"Queen of the South" is the title of the movie and her character Teresa Mendoza flees Mexico for Spain when her drug-runner boyfriend is wiped out. She will star opposite Josh Hartnett and Sir Ben Kingsley.

She apparently checked into rehab because she was researching for the role as Teresa and many acting coaches are not so surprised. Acting coach John Kirby says, "It's not unusual at all for an actor or actress to go to the extreme of checking into rehab to prepare for a character.

"In fact, I would encourage that for my students, because you want to fully immerse yourself in the role."

Eva shocked everyone including us when she checked into rehab, but if it was for a role why would she go all the way to Utah and not somewhere like Promises in Malibu? It's just not believable. As long as she's healthy now, it really doesn't matter does it?