Eva Mendes' Secret Drug Addiction

February 8, 2008 By:
Eva Mendes' Secret Drug Addiction

Of all the starlets that recently hit rehab, I'll admit I was most shocked over Eva Mendes. She always seemed like she had her shit together so I would have never guessed she had a substance abuse problem, but I guess its the always the quiet ones.

New details about Mendes' drug abuse problem are surfacing and it's not pretty. A source close to the actress told Us Weekly, "She kept it all behind closed doors and wasn't really a mess in public. She has a lot of low self-esteem and body issues."

Another insider claimed that Mendes had a cocaine problem, saying: "For a lot of girls in Hollywood, cocaine makes them feel more confident and stay skinny."

Mendes quietly went to rehab and left quickly, she's back in LA to "attend to some personal business", according to her publicist, but she's reportedly going to return to rehab after. Mendes is one of those actresses that doesn't get nearly as much attention as she deserves, she's actually really talented so let's hope her addiction doesn't get the best of her.