Eva Mendes: I'm Not in a Relationship With My Stalker

June 8, 2011 By:
Eva Mendes: I'm Not in a Relationship With My Stalker

There are certain things that Eva Mendes will do. She will tattoo ‘Team Jacob Forever’ on her face. She is not “willing to die” for her crazy stalker.

Eva Mendes has been harassed since 2008 by a New York man named John C. Luna and when he showed up at her Los Angeles house in May, that was the last straw.

Mendes has been granted a restraining order against the alleged stalker. Eva told a judge that Luna believes they are in a relationship, sends her “creepy” letters, and “bizarre” audio messages including one where he talked about moving to California to find her.

In his letters, Luna has written to Mendes, “You love me, that’s it,” along with statements that Mendes is “willing to die for him.”

Not surprisingly, Mendes tells a judge that she is “in constant fear.”

Mendes adds, “I do not personally know, nor have any relationship with Mr. Luna, have never had any personal communications with him, nor do I desire any interaction or communication with him whatsoever.”

Thankfully, a judge ordered Luna stay at least 100 yards away from Mendes and cannot make any attempts to contact her or he will violate the terms of the restraining order.

Mendes has also requested that the court order him to pay for the $8,550 legal bill.