Eva Mendes Is Healthy

April 2, 2008 By:
Eva Mendes Is Healthy

Rehab treated Eva Mendes well. Lately she's been seen running around
town looking as healthy as ever.  She was at an event yesterday at the
Roosevelt, and she set the record straight on how she's been feeling
these days.

"I'm actually taking advantage of my time off.  You know, I had a film
that was pushed, so I'm home spending time with my family, going to
the gym and actually enjoying taking care of myself. This year has
been great for me because I've learned how to relax. The last three
years have been amazing but kind of crazy. So I don't know, I feel
grounded. I feel really good," Eva told People.

We just hope she stays in control of her life, and is able to handle
her schedule if it gets crazy again. And knowing celebrities, it's
just a matter of time til it's packed again because of their fear out of the spotlight.